This is no secret that a powerful listing is important and so is optimizing of the listing to get better sales.

Below in the article, we deal with some of the most crucial factors to create a powerful listing and steps that need to be taken to optimize the existing product listing.

Amazon listing optimization is closely linked with Amazon’s A9 proprietary search engine algorithm. The A9 algorithm is about how Amazon optimizes a listing.

Below are some of the most important factors to consider for a powerful Amazon Listing and optimization.


The titles should carry an accurate description of the product that lets it explain its unique features and use that helps shopper understand what the product is all about.

  • Try and include 3-4 priority target keywords that have high search volume. Remember, the Algorithm relates higher to the keywords in the title.
  • Avoid a title that looks gibberish and difficult to read. Include the brand name, size, and unique selling features of a product.
  • Use maximum number of characters permitted in a title


There’s no doubt that the visual element makes a big impact on the buyer. Good images are proof of the quality and cast a professional impression about the product. Images give a store feel to a brand on Amazon.

  • Take multiple photos from different angles displaying every aspect and component of the product, the brand name, and the logo.
  • Photos should always be in high resolution to bring out the texture and looks of the product.
  • There should be an ideal mix of product-only images and lifestyle imagery showing actual usage of a product.
  • A good listing also shows an image of the back of the box where instructions are listed

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Keywords are the exact words or phrases shoppers use to find a product. Each keyword box has a character limit of 50 characters and should be utilized to its fullest.

  • There are lots of apps and other listing services around that can do this in the best way by matching the highest ranking keywords in your niche.
  • If your keywords match highly with the most common phrase used in product search, the product will automatically rank higher.
  • Choose keywords according to the number of searches through trending keyword, relevancy, and demand according to the season.
  • Add only those keywords that are relevant to the product, don't make the description sound vague or make it looked stuffed with keywords.
  • Long tail keywords reflect the buying intention so they should be used more.
  • Include the key areas customers look for in the elevator pitch so they don’t have to scroll much further.

Reviews and Ranking

Most product searches lead to identical looking products and often the customer is confused so he looks for other users experiences as social proof and makes a decision based on how good their reviews are. Positive reviews lead to higher Buy Now clicks and Amazon also ranks the product as per reviews.

Images and videos of a product which are posted by buyers turn out to be magical converters.

A product listing with lots of reviews will definitely win over a product which is grappling for these. The more positive reviews you have, the better are the chances of cracking a sale.

This, in turn, have a great impact on the rankings.

Caution: Amazon recently made a change to its review policy. Now, professional sellers cannot use discounted or free product as a medium of bagging free positive reviews.

Fulfillment Method

Using FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Going with the FBA program is key to optimizing the product listing. This makes the brand qualify for the Prime shipping. If the lure of free shipping to the buyers is not just the only lure.  At the moment there are 63 million Prime members who are utilizing the benefits of Prime membership.

This not only optimizes your listing and ranking but also increases the chances of winning a Buy Box.

Price Right

Keeping in mind Amazon’s complexities and a huge open marketplace its known for, selling competitively makes a lot of difference. Finding the right pricing method for your products is tough; however, there is Amazon’s Repricer tool that changes the base price after analyzing the competition. Other advanced software help you set strategies, choose sellers you want to compete with and more.

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