Hi, I am Weston Corica and I’m a full-service Amazon marketing & advertising specialist for brand owners, manufacturers, and affiliates. My team is adept in Amazon consulting with years of experience in promoting brands on Amazon. We work as a team to create the best selling products on Amazon. We work relentlessly to make your products leap to a double-digit improvement in a short span.

We have an impeccable track record highlighted in every success story of brands we’ve promoted in the past. With the right set of experts, proprietary tools and key resources at our disposal, we can make it happen for you as well.

With our deep understanding of the complicated Amazon platform, we are fully conversant with the fast paced, dynamic environment of Amazon, Managing ins and outs, launching end to end Marketing and Promotional brand strategies. This helps us create cutting edge strategic solutions and align them to improve business and overall sales of a brand.

My team and I strive hard to adopt an out-of-the-box intuitive approach, meticulous planning, and seamless execution that guarantee measurable return on your investment in a time-bound manner.

We handle Vendor Central, Seller Central, and Amazon Hybrid (1P/3P) Model.

Launching Your Brand On Amazon

Every product is different and needs a unique strategy to present them uniquely to customers. It takes diligent research and implying genuine market penetration strategies to bring a product to the forefront.

  • We help establish selling programs that are safe for buyers and fair to sellers
  • Developing EBC, brand store and advertising plans for them

Devise Strategies To Generate Traffic And Conversion

Setting up marketing techniques through careful market analysis and a research of the industry background helps us deploy strategies that attract more focused costumers which make conversion easy, leading to higher revenues, and better growth.


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Amazon Seller Journey - Peace of Mind


Weston Corica

I am a Business accelerator with more than a decade of experience in Data Science and building strategies for brands of all size and category. As an Internet marketing expert, I specialize in helping brands execute their online strategy on Amazon and give them the right impetus to emerge on the top.


We Manage The Entire Brand Content And Page Optimization

Even if your listing is great but it doesn’t attract eyeballs to your page; everything goes to waste including time, money and opportunities. Good content and a highly optimized page can boost your listing by leaps and bounds.

  • Apply for Brand Registry on your behalf
  • Providing a well-written listing that is customer focused
  • Photo shoots for your brand
  • Photos, graphics, comparison charts, and video
  • Profitable Keywords & Search Term Analysis
  • Optimizing pages with a slew of SEO techniques

Advertising with Amazon

Great listings are simply not enough especially when a product is new and obscure. As a consultant, we understand what works on Amazon to make a product visible and boost organic sales.

  • Launch Vendor/seller central advertising campaigns
  • Increasing Advertising Sales & Lowering ACoS
  • Manage Amazon Marketing Services - AMS
  • Influencer Marketing

Reputation Management

Protecting your reputation is everything on a platform that is obsessively customer centric.

  • Head off bad reviews and negative feedbacks by nefarious posers
  • Address legitimate complaints
  • Pursuing any negative review case with Amazon
  • Engage strategies and active monitoring to prevent brand hijacking

Amazon FBA Consulting

We handle inventory and end-to-end distribution of products on behalf of our customers that helps minimize holding costs.

  • Handle labelling and shipping
  • Inventory planning
  • Inventory placement to help reduce holding cost for our clients

Competitor Analysis & Strategic Targeting

Each product on Amazon typically has hundreds of different kinds of sellers, an in-depth competitor analysis is a must.

  • Track competitor metrics
  • SWOT analysis
  • BCG analysis
  • Chalk out a pricing strategy and re-pricing models

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