What is Fulfilled by Amazon?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Amazon FBA and Packaging stands for fulfillment by Amazon is an outstanding service provided by Amazon whereby Amazon stores products at their distribution centers, they package it and prep and ship the products on behalf of the customer.

They also handle most customer service questions, as well as returns and exchanges on behalf of the sellers leaving them with more time for sellers to concentrate on the core aspects of business such as sourcing, procurement, production, and pricing. This also makes sense economically, as the core business of the seller is not logistics but to do business. FBA does away with the lack of storage space and provides a reliable method of shipping the product.

FBA is a great way to improve the rankings, guarantees the much needed limelight your product needs and improve your chances to win a Buy Box. However, FBA comes with a storage fee. If you lack storage space and want a reliable fulfillment method, then FBA is highly recommended for cost efficiency and effective delivery.

Benefits of Choosing an FBA Consulting Partner

  • Reduction of headaches related to logistics
  • Costs related advantages to shipping and warehousing & Improved  margins
  • Includes labeling, packing, shipping & inventory fulfillment under the  Amazon’s FBA program
  • Increased visibility on Amazon
  • Helps create a professional online appearance that helps gain a BuyBox

Weston Corica is a full-service seller consultant for Amazon with years of experience in helping hundreds of sellers carve a niche for themselves on Amazon. With a range of services like a new product launch, our specialized FBA listing service, SEO for Amazon, the Weston Corica team has become the no.1 choice for brands worldwide to improve their listings and gain a double figure growth on Amazon.

Our team helps execute end to end FBA and PPC campaigns deploy consistent monitoring and other hidden strategies for brands.

As an Amazon FBA consulting, we do the following:

We handle inventory and end to end distribution of product on behalf of our customers that help minimize holding costs.

  • Handle labeling and shipping
  • Inventory planning
  • Inventory placement to help reduce holding cost for our clients

We have the right set of experts to take care of different segments such as Amazon marketing, promotions and SEO planning for products. Our proprietary tools and cutting-edge latest solutions help products emerge quickly to the top.