Similarly like Google, Amazon also has its unique method of products ranking depending on the search queries. Amazon’s Optimization Algorithm has a great impact on the sales i.e. the higher you rank, the more you sell.

In contrast, the better Amazon understands the search meaning, higher the product appears and can better help customers to find exact product. Therefore, Amazon mainly focuses on the searched words and the objective behind those searched words.

In this regard, A9 functions extensively to give searchers the most appropriate results.

How A9 algorithm affects the Amazon Listing Optimization?

A9 determines the most suitable matches for the customer’s search, the ranking algorithms helps to display the most appropriate results to the user. The register’s structured data offers many applicable features from past search patterns and acclimatizes the important item to the customers.

Amazon listing Optimization functions differently than Google because Amazon is a buying platform that primarily focuses on product customers are likely to buy.

Rankings and Keywords for Amazon Listing Optimization

Basically, keyword helps customers find the products effortlessly. The main goal is to pick the exact keywords customers will possibly search for into the search bar.

Always begin with a keyword plan that caters to all keywords that perfectly describes the product and all possible searches.

Products on Amazon are easily found through the search function if the keywords comprise of all the search terms the user usually search into the search bar.

Multiple ways of Keyword Input- Amazon Listing Optimization

  • Competitor analysis: centered on the top seller’s descriptions, titles, and bullet points.
  • Amazon autocompletes: Mainly focus on one major keyword and check the suggestions Amazon displays.

Content- Amazon Listing Optimization

A proper detail page generally includes:

  • A keyword-matching title
  • 5 bullet points that emphasize the most essential features of the product
  • A brief portrayal of the product

Product Features- Amazon Listing Optimization

  • The bullet points or product features are the significant points of the product listing.
  • This means that each bullet points are intended to highlight the most essential features of the product.
  • These bullet points are usually straight to the point and easy to understand to make it ideal for all target audience.

Clear and Concise points: Amazon Listing Optimization

Stick to the concise and clear points; extra long explanations are not needed here.

Some important points to be noted are:

  • Each point should be in bullets
  • Maintain all essential features that describe the product better.
  • Position the most significant features and points at the top list
  • Concentrate on each point that comes in the package.
  • Include the care instructions
  • Maintain the Product dimensions or size
  • Product Warranties or guarantees

Product Description - Amazon Listing Optimization

  • In the description of the product you can elaborate on the products benefits, features, and unique characteristics.
  • Here you can boost your product without sounding too desperate.
  • In description, you can include and optimize the keywords in a more creativity and attractive way.

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