Product launch is the result of meticulous analysis with all the preparations done right and chalking out a carefully crafted marketing strategy.

Laying a solid groundwork for product launch is necessary for the success of a product. There are various avenues and proven strategies that give a boost to the product launch.

A holistic product launch strategy can be launched in stages to make it an overall success.

1.)    Laying the groundwork

#Selecting a Winning Product

Identifying a high potential product and find out the market’s preparedness towards that product is the first step in the right direction.

Analyzing marketplace is a complex task that can be achieved through some niche tool and substantial experience of dealing with products.

#Carefully select your product category

A good category of product selection is that it ranks well in the product search which makes it a popular proposition and lower competition in that product category; together these two factors make any product best pick.

#Keep keyword association at the heart of a product launch

Search for the best keyword that can resound well with your products nature and usage.

Look for the top-selling product in your category and then assimilate a comprehensive list of all the keywords people type on Amazon to reach to that listed product.

Also, look for the sales volume associated with the product.

2.) Make a brilliant Product Listing

Product photography

You can never undermine the importance of good product photos as it is the most important decision influencing factor. The main image speaks volume about your product and acts as the main face of the brand.

Include the following in product presentation:

  • Integrate solo shots in white background
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Multiple shots
  • Close-ups
  • Distinct Product description in bullet points & Info-graphics
  • Gather awesome keywords and use them in your own listing

3.)    Trigger a Buzz During The Launch

This is the most important step that requires detailed overall promotional implementation 

Off-Amazon promotions:

Utilizing social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin to build brand awareness. This is the best and the most inexpensive way to promote a product. You can also take help of blog posts on relevant sites.

Facebook Promos:

Select your target audience carefully by perusing those who would actually love the product instead of deal seekers. Launch a promo that can be funneled back to Amazon to improve sales velocity and contribute towards positive review count.

Promotions via Deal Sites:

This is quite a straight and simple method that reaps quick results. Just subscribe to a deal site and provide discounts to boost your sales velocity in those early days. Start with a good discount at the onset so people can click on the add and buy your product on Amazon. Increased popularity will help to stack your product up and let it gain the much-needed relevance.

Sending mass mailers:

Use an updated mailing list to drive traffic to Amazon.

Don’t engage in email blasting all at one go. Instead, drip them over the course of a few weeks to show Amazon sustainable, consistent sales over a consistent period of time.

Soliciting Reviews:

Peruse reviews aggressively by monitoring social media platforms for any feedbacks; send a review request via email, private message requesting a positive review to anyone who has tried the product.

Leverage Influencers:

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy. It’s a way to build a relationship with key figures in the industry who enjoy a massive following and driving your product through them. Remember nothing is better than the word of mouth, especially when it comes from people who have a cult following.

Amazon Advertising:

Take note of the keywords that are performing the best and ensure that your listing is optimized for those specific words and phrases.

Aggressive bidding on best performing keywords is important to improve the organic ranking leading to better conversions. PPC or Pay Per Click helps drive traffic by keeping your product in the forefront when a customer searches for those popular keywords on which you applied a bid.

  • Analyze best performing keywords or phrases
  • Decide how much to spend on a bid without impacting the profit margins

4.)    After Launch

Finally, its product launches time with proven launch promotion techniques

Simply setting up a product is not enough as the product would get dumped at the bottom of the list and is going to scores low on Amazon’s feedback loop. Unless you give it the right pushes it is going to lay low there and stay like that.

Generating traffic naturally and artificially:

  • The product gets an artificial boost when you throw a discount or a promotion and people come to your listing to grab the product thereby boosting product sales.
  • Natural boost is when customers buy a product and genuinely praise the product in their reviews and recommend it to others which increases its brand value.

Track all matrices to tweak product performance:

Studying product performance with the initial launch helps improvise and adjust the product accordingly. Factors like Daily Sales, Keyword Ranking, Star Ratings, Reviews earned are some of the crucial matrices that help guide the trajectory in the right direction.

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