Reduce your sourcing and manufacturing cost with Weston Corica’s product sourcing services

Amidst tight knit and competitive market, businesses can’t go wrong with product sourcing as there is no room for making the slightest error. Product identification and sourcing at optimum pricing form the key to any successful business.  In a fast-paced competitive market, you need to get a leg up on your competitor, stay price competitive and also strive for securing a Buy Box early. All this is possible if your product quality and pricing allow it which in turns boils down to the right product sourcing.

Hiring a professional sourcing agent has fast become a common practice in the industry. Not only does it help save all the time and efforts which sellers can utilize better in scaling their business and launching new products; but sourcing in itself is a highly skilled and manpower intensive task that requires through quality control and a well placed logistic solution.


We undertake a complex and thorough assessment of our suppliers to make sure that they tick all the right boxes and match all our expectations. Being a full-service consultant for Amazon, we know the importance of the right start that begins with good product sourcing. We offer you with well accredited, trusted service partners who have a good track record and staunch commitment towards quality.


Comprehensive Supplier Research

Contact us with your detailed requirement. Let us know what you're looking for and we will provide a list of the main product as well its variants along with their suppliers to you for shortlisting. Not only this, we do market research, price verification and check individual terms of each supplier before substantiating their viability.

Getting the Best Private Label Product Idea

Our purchasing staff has years of purchasing experience to help you find the right product you need at the right price. My team keeps a tap on the latest developments in the market keeping abreast with the most lucrative prospects and reach. It becomes an easy giveaway. We zero in on right products based on actual Amazon sales data and back it up with due diligence and credibility assessment of suppliers who show the most potential.

Stringent pricing and final negotiation

You need to be in constant good terms with your supplier and increase the volume of the orders to gain a price advantage. However, our regular dealing with credible suppliers in every niche already allows for that existing edge.

Providing peace of mind with blanket Contracts

Establishing mutual expectations correctly is the base of any relationship; plus putting the same in writing, in form of a purchase agreement contract is a must before any money ever exchanges hands. A good contract agreement shows clear and right intention, attention to details, and through commitment to a lasting relationship that leaves little room for interpretations.

We do the due diligence of all the terms including lead time, quality of the product, custom packaging, nondisclosure of confidentialities, and payment terms with set intervals and milestones.

Maintaining the Integrity of your brand by regular order monitoring & QC

You can never be too sure while entering into an uncharted territory, dealing with new suppliers and a thorough quality inspection is the answer to such perils. Bad products may lead to lower sales, high returns, and even suspension of account on Amazon.

We ensure compliance is met so that the product passes all the criteria set by Amazon. Any minor defect or major damage can be curbed at the onset.

We cover an exhaustive QC Checklist including full inspection and random on the spot inspection.

Handling end to end logistics from the country of origin to Amazon FBA warehouse

In case of many sellers, shipping costs can frequently be more than the cost of buying the actual product.

We will handle the following for you:

  • Shipping – Procuring the best shipping cost including customs brokerage including duties and any other associated shipment fee,
  • Customs Clearance to delivering at the Amazon doorsteps
  • Dedicated accounts manager and after sales support
  • Price Negotiation

Weston Corica’s Aim

  • Finding a suitable supplier is our number one priority at Weston Corica
  • Realistic negotiations to meet the target price and beyond
  • Setting a balance between the right fit and procuring the best price
  • Sample arrangement, in-depth sample checks and furnishing detailed report upon request

Why Weston Corica?

Hello sellers, I and my team at Weston Corica have been providing Amazon Product Sourcing Services to our niche clients worldwide. We have contacts with thousands of suppliers with a wide product base. These suppliers are well known quality manufacturers and dealers who are tried and tested through successful orders delivery in the past.