Everything that Amazon does is to improve Revenue Per Customer (RPC). All the actions on the Amazon page are recorded by Amazon to improve services to the buyer as well as the revenue of the seller.

Amazon has always been a great marketplace for many brands who want to sell online. As per the data and survey, over 55% of the shoppers visit Amazon to search the product. It opens a wide platform for those shoppers.

Here are 3 important factors on which Amazon Search Ranking depends:

  • Conversion Rate - Price, Image Quality and Reviews are three main factors of conversion on Amazon. To maintain a good conversion rate, the prices should be competitive.
  • Relevancy - Relevancy of the product is very important to keep and maintain the relevancy, a right product should be matched with the right keyword so that the Amazon can read it properly.
  • Customer Retention and Satisfaction - ODR (Order Defect Rate) and Seller’s feedback are two vital points on which Search Ranking is decided. Your customer will come back if he is happy with the product.

To improve Search Rank on Amazon, here are 4 tips that you need to follow:

  1. Competitive Price
  2. The primary factor is the price. The final price includes overhead expenses and profit but along with this, it should be very competitive. Don’t try to make fool of Amazon by lowering your price too much. Amazon knows the real prices and can catch you easily.

  3. Increase Your Sale
  4. Your rank is directly proportional to your sale. To keep your rank high, you need to keep improving your sale. To improve your sale, a competitive and low price should be quoted. Selling a unique product also improves your rank as it decreases the competition.

  5. Bring Positivity in your Sale’s History
  6. If you win a good selling history (no or few returns), your rank will automatically improve. To improve sale history, here are the following points that you need to check:

    1. Respond and address the problem if any problem related to product arises.
    2. Use an efficient and fast delivery service method.
    3. Keep a check on inventory, you may be black marked due to overselling.
    4. Try to maintain the rate percentage lower than the optimized percentage.
    • Late Ship Rate below 4%
    • Cancel Rate below 2.5%
    • Defect Rate below 1%
    1. Check buyer’s reviews and respond promptly
  7. Complete Product Information
  8. The product information is the key to the rank if all other components are same as competitors. You can increase your search rank if you provide all the necessary points and description:

    • Product Name and Type
    • Brand and Description
    • Material or Ingredient
    • Appearance/Size and Colour
    • The quantity of the Product
    • Manufacturer
    • Images

    Complete categorization is very important in such cases. Categorization provides specificity to the product. The more you categorize your product in a well-defined way, the less the competition is. Usually, intended reader or visitor reads 20-30% of the written content. So, it is very important for you to use bullet points instead of any short or long paragraph.

    For example: If you are looking for 3 GB Ram, 64 GB Storage iPhone X, categorize your product on the basis of Mobile and Accessories → Apple → iPhone X → Categorization on the basis of Colour & Specification. You can also define deals and offers to narrow down the competition.

    Images also play a major role. Make sure that the quality of the image is very good and it defines your product in the best possible way.

  9. Amazon Prime Category
  10. It is better to bring the product under Amazon prime category. As, when any visitor or buyer puts the prime filter in the search, all non-prime items vanish from the list. If we go into deep, the number of prime users matter the most. There are more than 63 million prime users. Now, you can easily imagine how non-prime users out-numbered. Non-prime users are way away from the match. No e-commerce retailer can afford to miss the prime users.  

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