Amazon is a highly competitive selling platform. With a whopping sales mark of $200 billion, selling on Amazon requires an understanding of the proprietary algorithm.

A simple logic behind understanding Amazon's algorithm is that Amazon places those products high on the search list which have more probability of making a sale.

Amazon takes care to display results that answer the searcher’s query most accurately. Apart from bringing the best results to the forefront that is ideally suited to a keyword search, it also displays those products that have a more likely chance of being bought by the customer.

This is how the Amazon model works

Amazon tracks every action that someone takes on Amazon, right down to where their mouse hovers on the page.

A9 algorithm exists to connect the data tracked through the above movements and link it to the goal of maximum Revenue Per Customer (RPC)

Top Influencers in the Amazon A9 Algorithm:

Conversion Rate – Rankings are based on its probability of conversion.

Relevancy factors - This means how relevant your product is to a given search. This includes product title and description.

Customer Satisfaction – Other factors included are the seller’s feedback and Order Defect Rate.

SEO Basics:

Research as many relevant keywords as possible to place it in the product title, description etc so that it has more chances of matching different search queries relevant to your product.

How to improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) & Conversion Rate

Higher the CTR, better is the conversion rate(CR), and therefore the product will be ranked higher in the search result.

Conversion rate (CR) is calculated by dividing the number of customers who made the purchase against the customers visited.

  •    Include the following in a product listing
  •    Product title
  •    Image
  •    Whether you offer Prime shipping
  •    Customer reviews

Your product will automatically be ranked higher in the A9 rating for keywords with a high conversion rate.

Keyword placement

Product title – Foreign retailers need to ensure not to have titles in other languages. Include the following in a product title:

  •    Name of the product
  •    Name of the brand
  •    Material used
  •    Key feature
  •    Type, color, size, packaging     

Product descriptions- Use bullet points to describe the features (each bullet point shouldn’t be longer than 200 characters for maximum readability)

  • Use key statements that bring out the highlights about the products
  • Benefits and advantages of the product use
  • Include numbered list and bullet points
  • Identify the audience while writing the product description
  • Provide full technical details

Seller Central backend search terms

This is a good place to put all different keyword combinations, colloquial synonyms, and common misspellings.

Amazon only indexes 249 bytes in the backend search fields

Image Optimization

Images are a huge influencer. Customers should be able to see products and zoom in from all angles. Other factors to keep in mind are:

  • A decent image resolution (at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels for easy zoom)
  • Well-lit white background
  • Include multiple images and video
  • Use Infographics, competitor analysis image, action shots
  • Customer Reviews

Reviews are a major influencing factor and good ratings (4 and above) make a product jump to the top quickly.

Respond quickly to a negative review

Performance related factors

Performance, although is an additional consideration beyond keyword placement but these stats count. For optimized SEO, its understanding is a must.

  •    If your product is highly priced vis a vis competitors Amazon’s algorithm will prejudge your product with lower sales potential and thus will place it lower
  •    Unit Session Percentage or the number of units bought per visit is the closest one can get to a pure conversion
  •     In case these are low, resort to better page optimization.

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