Finding a trustworthy, capable, and reliable Amazon supplier is a big challenge and sourcing decisions can make or mar your prospects of doing business on Amazon.

This is where novice sellers go wrong. They try to find a product already selling well on Amazon, source its generic version and slap a logo on it to make it a private label. But there are severe anomalies to this model.

Entering into stiffer competition controlled by established competitors who have all the resources to stay put to any competition and can survive by lowering prices. Amazon’s algorithm already rewards such genuine suppliers and their price advantage is tough to beat with the “me too” products insignificant price differential.

Here’s a quick guide on how to decide on the right product and source the right supplier for your Amazon business:

Grow Steadily, Look Locally First

  • Sell a large catalog of products to get enough revenue and mitigate risks
  • At the onset, instead of going for a high minimum order quantity/minimum spent on a single, perfect product, it’s better to build a broader catalog by sourcing locally from proven suppliers.
  • Looking for sourcing locally first calls for minimum use of capital and avoids scaling and logistic issues as well
  • Buyers are attracted to sellers that carry an entire line of products rather than shopping at multiple places
  • Local suppliers offer better technical support and warranty services

How to Find the Right Supplier

  • Look for generic versions of something you really have interest in and match it with research on Seller Search on Amazon
  • Look for an established brand (not a big one) and deal directly with their sales rep instead of dealing with wholesalers
  • Place a few thousand dollars stocking order, they are not going to turn up their nose at it and proceed gradually
  • They should have a really good drop ship program plus willingness to lower pricing if you want to go for FBA and make an upfront investment

Important Checks While Dealing With Suppliers To Avoid Fraud

  1. Looking for  “Gold Suppliers” is the safest way of doing business
  2. Work with “Trade Assurance” suppliers and check if the supplier is willing to accept secure payments.
    • Both these services authenticate the supplier.
    • This is also a guarantee of their work. If they don’t ship on time or ship sub-par quality, suppliers don’t get paid.
  3. Ask for documents and certifications like ISO 9001 and make sure it matches the supplier’s info
  4. Beware of suppliers who sell a variety of unrelated products. Such trading companies are less knowledgeable about the technical details of a product
  5. Check if personalization is an option
    •    Factories have direct access to the machinery and can easily make customization to your product

How to Avoid Getting Scammed

  • A good company has a basic web presence
  • Check their email address to see if the domain name of officials is the same
  • Ask very detailed questions - Real manufacturer are glad to offer rebuttals
  • Ask for pictures- Check if the logo in the pic matches the company name
  • Get a sample before you buy - Legit supplier will have no problem shipping a sample
  • Check selling history - Ask for references
  • Request an onsite visit or factory tour

Want a professional to help? Work With WestonCorica Sourcing Agents

Finding best suppliers can be time-consuming besides negating the terms, dealing with payments and quality control issues.

If you don’t have time and experience to look and sort through for the right supplier, monitor every step of quality control, then you can consider a sourcing agent like us. We are full-service Amazon consultant. We offer end to end solution of doing business on Amazon.

  • We have years of experience which you may be missing and it’s easy to burn hands while looking for a genuine supplier source.
  • We have a dedicated negotiation team and years of experience dealing with credible ground level companies in every niche that offers a price advantage and at the same time maintains the quality of the product.
  • Our QC checklist includes full inspection and random on the spot inspection
  • We help you look at options in other Asian markets like Vietnam and India besides China, UK, USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • Weston Corica has years of personal experience in sourcing and promoting products for Amazon

Our Full Range Sourcing Service Includes:

  • Product development
  • Supplier background verification
  • Managing final negotiation and contracts
  • Risk Management services
  • Factory audits, quality inspections and day to day administration
  • Logistic & Shipping
  • Customs & tax duty

Get in touch with us anytime for consulting Amazon supplier sourcing related queries.