The best Amazon PPC course – Learn how to set-up sponsored products like a PPC Pro

  • Increase sales and accelerate growth of low exposure ASINs
  • Learn how to Optimize your camping
  • Increase conversion and use PPC as an incremental revenue driver
  • Learn time tested techniques to boost your rankings through smart PPC campaigns
  • Discoverability of top buyback offers

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Is a Powerful Tool for Product Discoverability and Attaining Incremental Sales:

Sponsored Products is another term for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that is used to drive traffic to Amazon product detail pages.

If you are wondering how to promote your product on Amazon, the answer is simple – Optimized PPC campaigns but that’s not as simple as it’s said.  There are many things that can keep you from attaining the goal of maximizing your profits and on the contrary eat up on the profit.

Setting up a campaign is not enough; as more and more sellers compete in bidding for the right keywords, bidding on keywords has become both an art as well as a science. One needs to constantly monitor and keep a check on the high click through rate that drains profits.

If You Want To Know All About Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising But Don’t Know Where To Begin Then This Course Will Offer You The Right Start.

If you want to outsmart your competitors, then you need an in-depth understanding of how Amazon Sponsored Product marketing works. You have to resort to sophisticated Amazon Sponsored Products marketing campaigns and strategies with which you can be a leg up vis-à-vis your competitors.

The course aims to cover in detail the following:

  • What is refined product targeting – All about automatic and manual targeting
  • Understanding how campaign structures work
  • Advanced rules, rank tracking capabilities for achieving specific goal
  • Understanding Data Segmentation based on attributes, interests, and behaviors
  • About quality keywords and selecting your match type (phrase, broad and exact match)
  • How to use search term reports and keyword harvesting
  • How to generate a competitive bidding strategy
  • All about negative keywords and how to use them to save money
  • How to increases the precision and granularity of bid adjustments

Why Contact Weston Corica?

Weston Corica is a full-service Amazon marketing & advertising specialist that has helped hundreds of brand owners, manufacturers, and affiliates make it big on Amazon. Our years of experience in creating the best selling products on Amazon and making them leap to a double-digit improvement in a short span has gone into creating this successful course related to Amazon Marketing Product. In this program, we made it a point to unleash some of the most closely guarded secrets on how to sell successfully on Amazon.

In this multiple series course, we have attempted to cover some of the most typical mistakes people commit when using Amazon's Sponsored Products that result in losing money.  The course teaches how to properly set up and optimize Amazon campaigns and avoid these mistakes. The course analyses and studies in detail some of the best client's campaigns that helped them in making profits and attain long term growth.

If you're a beginner and don’t have any experience in setting up a Sponsored Products campaign or an experienced seller who’s looking to lower the PPC costs and increase revenue – then join Amazon seller training course conducted by true Amazon and PPC expert Weston Corica right away!

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