Finding a trustworthy, capable supplier for your Amazon business can be a big challenge. Sourcing decisions can solely decide if you remain on this platform in the long run or not. Also, this is where novice sellers usually go wrong.

Here’s a quick guide on how to decide where to source the right supplier for your Amazon business.

Sourcing locally

Search for and drive around your own city’s industrial zone to source products locally. Grab any local directory or search the net for local manufacturers, contact them and let them know your intention of becoming a wholesaler or an agent of their product and ask for a wholesale price.

This serves several advantages like timely delivery, on the spot inspection, higher accountability.

Try already existing Amazon Product Wholesalers

These are also known as term distributors or brokers, who purchase big quantities from various warehouses and manufacturers and retail further. In case you are not ready to invest in a large order, this is the right source. Their prices may be slightly higher but they definitely offer more flexibility in terms of payment, returns, a wide range of product available with them and more.

The Craftsmen

Interested in unique, authentic items of the artistic kind, then independent craftsmen are the best bet. There are many societies, government support programs that give them the right platform to showcase their product and also act as an intermediator for negotiating terms.

Going to China in Person?

If you are slightly high on a budget then China serves as one of the most lucrative avenues for sourcing products. You can find innumerable producers for your niche here.

  • Visiting China’s trade fair or markets can be a great option. Canton Fair, for example, is the center of international trade with the West.

Meet thousands of different suppliers and build a strong work relationship with better pricing options.

Their Phase 2 is the most popular phase for private label products and Amazon FBA sellers. Popular categories are Consumer Goods, Home Decorations, and Gifts

The third and final phase is largely clothing and textile oriented.

  • In the Yiwu International Trade City (Yiwu Market) as well you can visit tens of thousands of booths where you can buy all kinds of relatively inexpensive, non-technical, mass-market products.

Cheapest Global Trade Show In Southeast Asia

Global Sources Exhibitions in Hong Kong is one of the most prominent trade shows featuring around 3,800 booths of consumer electronics, gaming, and smart living products.

It is also the world’s largest mobile sourcing show

Has 3,700 booths of devices, Audio/Video devices, wearables & accessories

It also has Rich selections of creative, and innovative home products and premium gifts items.

The show also features high in-demand apparels  and fashion accessories from China and other ASEAN countries.

Search For Online Commerce Platforms

For many Amazon FBA sellers, it’s not feasible to pay a visit to these trade shows. And that means they have to limit their search to these online platforms. There are several of these which have hundreds of millions of merchants and businesses that do billions of dollars worth of business every year. The top one amongst them has a record of doing 2.5 billion dollar worth of business in a year.

  • Countless number of global suppliers sell just about any product known to man
  • Well organized products and categories
  • Rock bottom wholesale pricing mean big profits for buyers
  • started listing
  • US dollar is approximately six times more valuable to Asian suppliers

There are many other mammoth supplier directories that are not being used much by Amazon sellers and there are chances of finding many unique hard to find stuff that you can find are elsewhere and many fiercely competitive products on them.

Sourcing Agents

  • Should You Work With Sourcing Agents?

Sourcing agents are companies that help you locate the right suppliers, negotiate and do quality inspections, handle all freight on your behalf and more. They can help you find specific products that are not available on big commerce sites

If you’re doing FBA for the first time, then you may not have much experience so working with these agents can really save you a lot of time and energy and it's safer too.

They generally charge a percentage of the order or/and a minimum charge.


Shipping poor quality products to Amazon can be detrimental. Too many negative reviews and returns may lead to cancellation of the listing or blacklisting entirely.

You need to source a powerful product, verify your product idea, choose a supplier with does good quality work, timely shipment, good pricing.

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