how to position your brand on amazon

Amazon completes its 20th year to become the world’s biggest internet retailer. An average of $88,000 is spent every minute globally on the site. The mammoth platform serves as an excellent opportunity to sellers.

But the big challenge is to emerge out of hundreds of similar products listed out there. It requires proper brand positioning and dedicated promotional activities.

Here are some of the tips and tricks on how to grow your business and brand on Amazon for higher profitability:

Focus on Macro First

Amazon is customer-centric and that’s what it wants

There are many approaches to business like being competitor focused, product-focused, technology focused, business model focused, and more.

But Amazon is customer obsessive to the core. Excelling here means exceeding customer’s expectation consistently.

#1 Engage

Create a powerful brand story - People don’t buy because you sell, they want to know “Why” you sell. It's important to highlight the overall approach towards the business in the About page.

#2 Fulfill your brand promise

It means delivering exceptional customer experience with consistency, combined with an unwavering brand promise.

# 3 A must-have in your About page

Make a well-crafted story that is worth telling, truly compelling, and nicely communicated that resonates well with people to improve brand recognition.

#4 Highlight your brand differentiation

People should how you stand apart from competitors

The Micro Approach

#1 Incentivize positive reviews - Quality and quantity both matter

  • Amazon is a review driven ecosystem. As per a recent study, 88% of the customers trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • Engage with your reviewers – Amazon rates seller’s performance and ranks items based on reviews.
  • 90% of Amazon customers fail to leave a review. It’s important to contact them, especially those who’ve enjoyed using your product.
  • Positive reviews bring high ratings, negative ones help make product improvements.

A.)    Create a ubiquitous effect & cover all touchpoints- Promote the same positive reviews on other channels as well like Facebook, Twitter etc.

B.)    Utilize those giveaways - In order to gather positive reviews, earn them by offering discounts, freebies etc. This helps generates goodwill and positive image of your product too.

C.)    Avoid mis-picks, mis-ships, and out-of-stocks- Amazon rewards sellers who can shop quickly and accurately

#2 Daily deals and discounts

Besides winning good reviews, these deals and offers keep increasing your ranking too. Plus chances are that you can also appear on Amazon’s home page under ’’Hot Deals”. Customers also get enticed towards your other products.

#3 Tack on an extra item with your product

This allows for having an own unique listing that would still show on the main search.

#4 Treat Amazon product site as an SEO site - Reach with SEO

  • A detailed approach to SEO and AdWords targeting as many keywords is a must.
  • Pay attention to keywords- look for top-rated keywords people use while searching for your product.
  • Title Keywords - Amazon looks at keywords placed in the Product’s Title for ranking. Product titles have a character limit of 500 words

Include the following:

  •    Brand name
  •    Product description
  •    Product line
  •    Material used, color, size
  •    Even quantity in this pack

B.)    Use Amazon’s Keyword Tool -  

  •    It auto-completes top rated long-tail keywords.
  •    Pick the best ones related to your product.

C.)    Sub-title Keywords –

  •    Amazon also allows for 5 keywords or keyword phrases into the Keyword Field.
  •    Do not use the keywords already used in the title as they will be simply ignored.

D.)    Product description – Product content is the key to success.

  •    Optimize listing with title, bullet points, accurate description.
  •    Write long, detailed description of at least 1000 words

#5.) Invest in quality product shoot  

First impression matters. Make it big with high-quality visuals.

#6.) It’s a rumble out there for an access to Buy Box

There are lots of criteria to win the top spot that leads to sales directly in your name with the Buy Box allocated to you. CHECK OUR ARTICLE - Methods to launch product on Amazon

#7.) Try re-pricing software for enhanced profitability

These software work 24*7 to monitor competitor’s pricing real-time. You can be slightly cheaper or when a competitor runs out of stock, automatically raise the price.

#8.) Try Amazon sponsored products  

To remain in front of as many eyeballs, it’s important to be on the top rung. This enables your product to show upfront on the below search result, detail page, or on the right-hand column. They are offering free credit to starters as well.

#9.) Setting up an FBA account

  • FBA - will certainly increase the sales but there is a cost involved.
  • Amazon’s suggested PPC campaigns – Most of the time these auto-generated campaigns produce better results than self-built campaigns based on tons of keyword data, metrics, etc that requires lots of resources as well.

10.) Focus on testing and analysis to improve results

Creating clear and simple experiences through testing and learning and derive the best mechanism to make things easier, faster, better, and more cost-effective.

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