Amazon marketplace is way more than a place to sell your products online. If you become Amazon Seller, you start attracting loyal customers and a big audience. This is actually called Amazon Experience. It is the Amazon’s promise that needs to be delivered.

Amazon marketplace, basically, comprises two parts:

  1. What is offered to Amazon Sellers
  2. What must be delivered by Sellers

Amazon marketplace is the hub of something which is very important: The Buyers. The Amazon marketplace is designed and crafted in such a way that it straightaway takes the customer directly to the product that the customer is looking for.

Various factors run behind this:

  1. What Amazon brings for their Sellers
  2. What must be delivered by Amazon Sellers

Amazon works on the Customer-centric model. This model brings customers back again and makes the sellers meet their targets. It covers everything from Amazon SEO and good quality images, increased sales, ranking, on-time shipping and reducing the negative impact on sales.

These factors together bring higher sales and good ranking.

Start selling your product on Amazon Marketplace:

Many individuals and businessman use Amazon Marketplace to sell their products as third-party sellers, but the options don’t end here. You can either sell the product to Amazon and the Amazon does the selling of the product for you on the Amazon Marketplace.

Follow these steps to sell your products on Amazon Marketplace:

  1. Find the right Products to Sell on the Amazon Marketplace: The main challenge for every third-party seller is bringing the product that can be profitable. Prices keep on changing as new customers come-up daily on Amazon. It can be a successful endeavour to find the right product
  2. Create a seller account & know the Amazon fees: You can select between two seller accounts: Individual and Pro. Both the accounts have different fee structure and rules.
  3. List your products and start selling on Amazon Marketplace: There are two ways you can sell your product on Amazon Marketplace.
    1. Create a new product listing that has already been listed on Amazon.
    2. Add an offer to the sale which has already been listed on Amazon marketplace.
  4. Fulfil the order, manage the inventory and ship it:

Order management and order shipment are two different and complicated tasks. Bulk sellers always have an operational warehouse to stock their product and maintain inventory while individual sellers might do the selling from their home also.

If you are a third-party seller, you have 2 fulfilment option that you can choose from:

  • Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) → It is entirely your duty to store/stock the item, ship it and ship it. Your products, in FBM, are not taken as Prime products (eligible for free shipping). It is the responsibility of the seller to ship the product within the time frame. In addition to that, it is the seller’s responsibility to handle refunds and returns.
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) → The Amazon FBA has actually got big popularity. Almost all the sizes of sellers are covered in this category. In Amazon FBA, your products are stocked and shipped by Amazon. They make the inventory, pack and ship the orders on your behalf. In addition to that, you are eligible for free shipping through Amazon delivery network.

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