Weston Corica is a leading full service Amazon SEO expert with a performance driven approach. We know how to get you in front of eyeballs and get valuable conversion; Amazon SEO is just the start.

Being an intensely Keyword driven platform, a good keyword forms the base of a successful strategy. We adopt a step by step keyword centric methodology to push your product high on Amazon’s search engine rankings.

We help curb the extra efforts related to logistics through our robust software, dedicated service and guarantee complete peace of mind with our FBA consulting services. We also analyze the cost benefits of outsourcing the FBA services.

We are the no.1 choice for many brands worldwide when it comes to improving their listings and gain a double growth figure on Amazon. If done right, listing can help attain maximum conversion and boost sales quickly.

Ungating Service

Selling a gated product needs through approval and getting a badly reputed one back on track is furthermore a daunting task. It needs patience, perseverance and in-depth understanding of the insider knowledge on principles and criteria followed by Amazon.

With dwindling margins and intensive competition on Amazon, you just can’t go wrong with product sourcing. It results in better revenue and makes room for competition intensive market. With our in-depth competitor analysis and product optimization plan, we make sure you maintain that much needed edge.

Help you in sourcing the best Amazon suppliers across the globe; communicate with them, draft purchase contract and many more all on your own. We help you find profitable wholesale account to buy inventory then re-sell it on Amazon.

There is a big distinction between launching product and plainly setting product listings on Amazon. With our service, you will be able to launch your product with established launch promotion procedures and boost conversion rates, sales, reviews, and other metrics.

Getting the right training from genuine industry experts means minimizing the chances of making expensive errors! Grab the Amazon seller courses & get the training with our Amazon experts.

Let your product be the first on the list. We will help you learn how to conduct an in-depth and wide-ranging keyword research, which can then be used to proficiently optimize your product listings and index for hundreds of keywords.

Store Set up

Leverage the Amazon platform to create an online store for selling products with high sales volume. We provide tips and tools to sell products profitably from the same platform. Create a powerful online store to attract customers and increase sales. Get all questions related to Amazon store set up answered by Weston Corica.

Amazon Product

Product photography is the most powerful tool to attract Amazon customers to buy products. So, your product photos have to be preeminent. With us, you will be able to produce the best product photos for better business prospects.

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