Amazon is the choicest market place for countless sellers who have made their way to many top sellers online lists.

The advantages of building a presence on Amazon is apparent from the fact that nearly 55% of buyers visit Amazon while looking for any product.

In broader terms, sellers who do well on Amazon give shoppers what they expect and excel in factors like product detailing, presenting the product uniquely with high-quality images and videos, competitive pricing and most importantly, an impeccable customer service record.

Having a high product ranking that attracts more buyers is a sure shot way to boost your sales.

Understand Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

After listing, it’s a long road to the top and the first step to improve ranking is to understand Amazon’s own search engine and its ranking strategy based on their proprietary A9 algorithm.

A9 algorithm works in a different manner than Google, Bing, and others.

Amazons goals are based on “Relevance”

  • To earn maximum Revenue Per Customer (RPC)
  • Amazon collects data through every action a buyer takes; right from every click to mouse hover.
  • It then it matches the data derived in process #2 with goal set at #1 above with the help of A9 algorithm which prioritizes conversion and serves results based on 23 different criteria.

These criteria include:

Customer Reviews, Image quality, Putting the product in the most relevant category, Parent & Child listing appearance, Bounce rates or Exit rate, Keywords placement,  order processing speed: perfect order processing (POP) rate Vs order defects rates (ODR)


Here Are Some Tricks To Improve Your Amazon Ranking

Price competitively

Pricing is a top consideration while winning the Buy Box. But it's not as simple as offering the lowest price else it may quickly become a race to the bottom. Many sellers lower the price and increase the shipping cost but that doesn't fool Amazon.

Offering discounts on a timely interval and running daily deals can get the much needed exposure the product needs and a significant increase in buyers and repeat buyers.  

The best way to keep up with competitive pricing is to use Amazon’s Repricer tool that changes price based on competition by using an advanced algorithm. You can set your own rules, set sellers you want to compete against, set the floor limits, and take multiple factors into consideration for an error free dynamic pricing.

Maintain a positive selling history

A good selling history impacts your search ranking and the chances of winning a Buy Box, this includes:

  •    Provide fast, efficient shipping. If it works in favor, let FBA do the work for you
  •    Respond and resolve issues quickly
  •    Minimize order defect rate below 1%, late shipping rate below 4% and the cancellation rate below 2.5%

Bag more reviews

When all products look identical and the brain is confused, customers fall back on reviews which act as a social proofing. They tend to choose products based on other customer’s experience. Needless to say, positive reviews lead to higher buy now clicks.

It’s important to solicit for reviews and incline customers to contribute a review post purchase.

  • Incentivize ratings

For positive ratings, giveaways in exchange for a fair and an honest review can be an effective means.

  • Leverage Influencers

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy. Influencers enjoy a massive following and it’s very effective to drive your product through them. Remember nothing is better than the word of mouth, especially when it comes from people who have a mass following. The cool part is that they write quite a bit about the product, so customers can get better information and the message is driven effectively.

A few mixed reviews make it look balanced and gives an overall genuine impression.

Provide thorough product information

When all other factors are the same, a complete product listing takes the winning spot.

One of the most important attributes is the product description. Write long, detailed product descriptions for about 600-800 words.

Use all available space and stuff the right Keywords in those 80 characters and also include maximum details about what the product is about:

  • Product type and product line
  • Brand and its stand-out feature
  • Material/key ingredient used
  • Color/size/Quantity
  • Use all five keyword fields
  • Avoid words already in the title
  • Incorporate related search terms, alternate spellings, synonyms

Offer Prime

Amazon’s subscription-based service acts as a powerful filter. Prime members often filter out non-Prime items, therefore if you are not a prime seller your products don’t stand much of a chance.  For your consideration, there are 63 million Prime members who have far outnumbered non-prime users.

Prime users get incredible perks such as unlimited TV and music streaming, best shopping deals along with free two-day shipping on thousands of items.

Sellers can also benefit from becoming a Prime-eligible seller and register their product for Prime offerings.

Prime-eligible sellers with the FBA program also increase their chance of winning a buy box that can increase conversions exponentially. Sellers with Prime eligibility automatically gain the upper hand against those who don’t leverage Prime or FBA.

Understand how Amazon SEO works.

It's important to understand how SEO strategies work on Amazon and do the keyword research accordingly. Think of your Amazon product site as an SEO site.

  • Including relevant keywords in the title, subtitle, and description. But be aware of keyword stuffing as the search engines penalize sellers for this.
  • Have a presence off of Amazon as well and maintain a ubiquitous appeal. To build a brand, start a blog or YouTube channel, and help people see you as more than just “Amazon.”
  • Apply the principles of on-page SEO to other mediums like your personal website, Instagram and Facebook page.  
  • Writing a good copy (can go up to 1000 words) with a strong message regarding “what’s in it for me”, addressing all the anticipated questions and answers with a call to action is the key.
  • Optimize your copy with less expensive long-tail keywords with the help of Amazon’s Keyword Tool.

If you play as per Amazon’s "best practice" and adhere to the rules, surpass the standards set on Amazon then you can get rewarded with high exposure and higher success levels.

WestonCorica is a full-service Amazon consultancy that works with its client’s right from conceptualizing to listing a product and covers every single aspect of selling on Amazon.

Connect with us for a perfect product listing and give a boost to your ranking - we can help your product gain that valuable edge and gain the much needed Buy Box.

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