Weston Corica provides you with the complete detail on how to build your Amazon Campaign. There are a few things that you need to know before you start your first campaign on Amazon.

There are three core elements that decide the direction of Amazon Campaign Strategy. It can ultimately help you boost your sale: 

  1. The Product: The quality and superiority of the product communicate with the market side of the product.
  2. Organic Marketing Strategies: It includes on & off page optimization which thus leads to sales improvement in an organic way.
  3. Paid Marketing Strategies: Amazon marketing campaign essentially holds few major things like sponsored product, video ads, display ads and headline search.

 To be successful on Amazon, you need to be on the top of the search list.

Usually, people don’t go to Amazon for a window shop. Very long tail keywords are generally used to make searches. This simply means they know what they require.

The first thing about Amazon PPC Campaign Strategy is that it is a direct process. However, a strategy is required to advertise the product.

This outline will tell you how to run Amazon PPC Campaign:

  1. You need to find what the hot keywords are and how it can be converted into a sale.
  2. Identify what are non-converting keywords. Remove them all.
  3. For hot keywords, increase click bid.

 You need to understand certain terms of Amazon PPC: 

  1. Advertising Cost of Sale: The amount spent on advertisement. Total Ad spend is divided by attribute sale to calculate ACoS.
  2. Impression: Frequency of display of Ads. It is the number of times the ad has been displayed. Usually, invalid clicks are removed from the final report but it takes 3 days for the implementation.
  3. Click: The number of time your ad has been clicked. If Amazon identifies any invalid clicks, it would be reflected in the final report in three days.
  4. Attribute Sale: It shows you the total sale that you have got within in a week of your Ad. It takes 48 hours for your sales data to populate.

 The following things can make your Amazon PPC a successful PPC Campaign: 

  1. You must have an optimized price listing of Amazon: These few things need to come together:
    1. Descriptive title with hot keywords
    2. High-resolution Image
    3. Description of the topic in bullet form
    4. Complete product description
  2. Focus more on Amazon Listing: The main focus of Amazon PPC Campaign is to bring the traffic to the product you have listed in Amazon PPC. The Amazon PPC is comparatively easy and simple as compared to Facebook Ads and/or Google Adwords. Focus on these things:
    1. Generate the list of focused keywords
    2. Set budget and quote bid
    3. Modify campaign into logical form & ad group
    4. Optimize your campaign further if required

 Create an Amazon PPC Campaign:

 Basically, you can target public into two parts via Amazon PPC Campaign: 

  1. Manual Targeting
  2. Automatic Targeting 

For Automatic Targeting, you just need to enter your name, budget and campaign start date. On the basis of the listing information, the Amazon will automatically pick the right keywords and bid accordingly. Stay assured, the campaign would automatically run on your behalf and as per the budget that you have quoted for the campaign.

For Manual Targeting, you manually enter all the keywords. You can take the keywords from Amazon PPC Campaign or there are many other tools available that can help you find all relevant keywords.

www.Westoncorica.com can help you understand Amazon Campaign that will ultimately help you increase sale. To know more about the Amazon Campaign, get in touch with Weston Corica or join course.

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